Aquinas Star Spaghetti Dinner Kicks Off Another Year of Helping Families
Posted on 10/07/2022
As one of the most beloved St. Thomas Aquinas High School traditions, the Aquinas Star program entered its 35th year with the annual Spaghetti Dinner on Thursday, October 7. The program is a cornerstone of STA’s mission to serve others, in this case doing so by adopting families with children who live with chronic or acute medical conditions. This year, the two Aquinas Stars are 16-year-old current student Brandon Barbarite and 24-year-old Anthony Zaccaria.

The Spaghetti Dinner is the kickoff event for a year of many spirited and heart-filled events. The dinner is when the STA community gets to meet the Aquinas Stars for the first time and heap them with welcoming and love. The attendees and volunteers in the cafeteria erupted in applause as each of the Aquinas Stars made their entrance, accompanied by family members and STA students. Over the course of the evening, they were able to meet many students, faculty, parents, and community members. Brandon and Anthony were also presented with gifts from the Aquinas Star Board. Reacting to the warmth and generosity, Brandon’s mom said, “We’re so happy to be here. The support that we’ve been given these last few months has made such a difference for our family!”

As the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Aquinas Star program, it is also an occasion to provide financial support to the families. Approximately 350 dinners were ordered by sit-down and takeout, helping to raise over $7,000 for the families.

Helping to make the Aquinas Star program into the overwhelming success that it is are Aquinas Star Co-Chairpersons Kylie Lucas ’23 and Alex Coccuzza ‘23 and lead organizer Mrs. Linda Czajkowski as well as a host of other students and Campus Ministry team members, not to mention over 175 student and faculty volunteers who dedicated their evening to ushering guests, serving food, cleaning tables, and accompanying the invitees. Additionally, the food, drinks, and paperware were all provided by generous student and community donations and the kitchen was crewed by the Woodbridge Knights of Columbus. Kylie offered her impression of the event, the second that she has helped organize: “Each and every year that we return to the Spaghetti Dinner, we are amazed by the same strong and passionate love that each and every individual brings to support the Aquinas Star program.”

And so, the Aquinas Star Board, on behalf of St. Thomas Aquinas High School, would like to thank everyone who made this evening possible through their love, service, and support as it looks forward to another remarkable year.

Aquinas Star Spaghetti Dinner 2022