Service Organizations

Here at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, service is an important aspect of every one of our student activities. All of our athletic teams are expected to participate in at least one team service project during their respective season. Throughout the year, our clubs and activities will sponsor fundraising events or collection drives of some sort to benefit those less fortunate.

The primary mission, however, of the clubs listed below is service. These organizations are among the largest in the school, and drive the school's mission of promoting a life of caring, service and moral responsibility.

Aquinas Star

The Aquinas Star Program began in 1987 and is a favorite among students. Each year, the club will adopt two terminally ill children. The goal of the club is to provide relief and assistance to the children and their families. Some of the biggest events of the year are sponsored by Aquinas Star, including the annual Aquinas Star Spaghetti Dinner, Christmas Mass, and Easter Egg Hunt.

Christian Social Action Club (CSAC)

CSAC is the preeminent service organization at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. It promotes serving the community through a plethora of different events. CSAC will sponsor clothing drives, supply drives and food drives. It will schedule trips to visit the elderly. CSAC also writes cards and makes placemats for retired religious. The Christian Social Action Club can also be found making teams to participate in local service events. Not to mention the annual Hoops for Heart basketball fundraiser for the American Heart Association.