Student Government

St. Thomas Aquinas High School has a long history of student government in which students serve the interests of their classmates to promote a memorable and inclusive high school experience.

The student leaders for the 2022-23 school year are:
Student Body President Annika Zavalla
Student Body Vice-President Emily Wall
Secretary/Treasurer Nicholas Basilico
Publicity Chaiperson Gabrielle Rambaud
Athletics Chairperson Danielle Suter
Social Activities Chairpersons Grace Farrell
Kayla Foley

Class of 2023 President Isabella Danner
Class of 2023 Secretary/Treasurer Morgan Ryan

Class of 2024 President Olivia Alicante
Class of 2024 Secretary/Treasurer Natalie Neno

Class of 2025 President Ashley Wall
Class of 2025 Secretary/Treasurer Elizabeth Bera

Class of 2026 President Leahana Ortiz
Class of 2026 Secretary/Treasurer Emma Aly