Student Government

St. Thomas Aquinas High School has a long history of student government in which students serve the interests of their classmates to promote a memorable and inclusive high school experience.

The student leaders for the 2022-23 school year are:
Student Body President Annika Zavalla
Student Body Vice-President Emily Wall
Secretary/Treasurer Nicholas Basilico
Publicity Chaiperson Gabrielle Rambaud
Athletics Chairperson Danielle Suter
Aquinas Star Liason Kylie Lucas
Social Activities Chairpersons Grace Farrell
Kayla Foley

Class of 2023 President Isabella Danner
Class of 2023 Secretary/Treasurer Morgan Ryan

Class of 2024 President Olivia Alicante
Class of 2024 Secretary/Treasurer Natalie Neno

Class of 2025 President Ashley Wall
Class of 2025 Secretary/Treasurer Elizabeth Bera

Class of 2026 President TBD
Class of 2026 Secretary/Treasurer TBD