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What is a STREAM Faire?

STREAM Faire is an event which showcases the depth and breadth of expertise from the students within our school. It features student led-projects which highlight the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Reading/Writing, History, Religion, Arts, and Math, and how these fields may interact together. Students get the opportunity to highlight their passions in a creative and informative way and to share that passion with our school and greater community at large. Students have made and presented everything from robots, marble races, lego architectural displays, showcasing the history of and process of making jewelry, blacksmithing, art, and everything else in between.

For more information, please contact either Mr. Michael Lewon ([email protected]) or Mr. Eric Gronske ([email protected]) with any questions.


2023 Recap:

STREAM Faire 2023

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2023 School STREAM Faire at STA a success!

Is your company interested in becoming a sponsor of the STA STREAM Faire? Contact Deb Chippendale: [email protected]