Aquinas Star Program

The “Aquinas Star / Ahr Star” program began in 1987 as a way for the St. Thomas Aquinas High School Community to come together and support a chronically or terminally ill child. The most important goal of the Aquinas Star Program at STA is to give the Aquinas Star and his/her family financial, spiritual, emotional and community support during the year. They truly become part of the STA Community and have our total support. It is our privilege to surround the Aquinas Star with prayers, love and support for the year. Aquinas Star is more than just a club; it's a hands-on way to help those in need."

Aquinas Star Spaghetti Dinner

It's a wonderful event that shows the true heart of this community. It’s so inspiring to see young people as well as adults participating for the Aquinas Star families.
Bishop James Checchio

The Aquinas Star Spaghetti Dinner is the first event of the year and and opportunity for the whole community to welcome the newest members of the Aquinas Star family. Hundreds of students, family, and community members gather for dinner along with hundreds of student and faculty volunteers. This dinner begins the fundraising, which allows St. Thomas Aquinas High School to provide financial support to the Aquinas Stars and their families.

Ahr Star Spaghetti Dinner

Aquinas Star Christmas Mass

The entire St. Thomas Aquinas High School School student body and faculty celebrates a Christmas mass, presided by Bishop Checchio and attended by the Aquinas Stars and their families. This spirited event is a highlight of the year and celebrates the Aquinas Stars and everyone who cares for and about them.

Ahr Star Mass