Retreat experiences provide a vital opportunity for reflection in today's busy world. The retreat program at St. Thomas Aquinas High School focuses on providing students and faculty alike with an opportunity to stop, reflect and to grow in their faith. Three types of retreats are offered throughout the school year.

Fall Retreat

St. Thomas Aquinas High School offers a weekend retreat during the fall semester, which is open to all students. The retreat begins Friday night at STA, and concludes Saturday afternoon. We will focus on a specific theme and provides all students an opportunity to foster their relationship with God and one another.

Spring Retreat

The Spring Retreat at St. Thomas Aquinas High School is a unique opportunity open to juniors and seniors, run by the upperclassmen themselves. With help from Campus Ministry, upperclassmen students plan out a Friday-Sunday Weekend retreat with a spiritual theme, talks, activities, and a number of opportunities for students to help one another grow closer to God and in relationship with one another as a school community of faith.

For more information regarding our retreat programs, please contact Mr. Michael Lewon or Fr. Michael Tabernero.