Following the Example of St. Thomas Aquinas: Four Ways that STA Instills Faith, Ethics, and Morality Throughout the Educational Process

Faith Ethics MoralitySt. Thomas Aquinas High School provides an environment that encourages ethical leadership, service to others, and critical thinking through the lens of faith. This unique approach, inspired by its patron saint, aims to create compassionate and principled individuals who actively contribute to the betterment of society.

STA integrates faith into every aspect of the curriculum, allowing students to learn about moral values through religious texts, teachings, and traditions. This constant exposure to religious principles helps students of all religious backgrounds to develop a strong moral foundation, which will guide their decision-making processes throughout their lives.

STA focuses on cultivating ethical leadership qualities in our students, encouraging them to follow the examples set by religious figures and saints, teaching them to empathize, serve others, and prioritize social justice. By presenting students with strong role models, we seek to inspire them to develop their own moral compass and make positive contributions to society.

STA incorporates service and community outreach as essential components of our educational philosophy. By engaging in various service projects, students learn firsthand the importance of compassion, empathy, and altruism. These experiences instill a sense of responsibility towards others and foster a deep understanding of the needs of the community.

STA prioritizes ethical decision-making and critical thinking as part of our moral education. Through open discussions, philosophical debates, and ethical dilemmas, students are encouraged to think critically about complex moral issues. This process helps them develop a deeper understanding of ethics and equips them with the tools to navigate real-life situations with integrity and virtue.