STREAM Faire Showcases Student Creativity and Innovation
Posted on 04/19/2024
Innovation and creativity were on display at the St. Thomas Aquinas High School STREAM Faire. On Thursday, April 18, students from all disciplines came together to display their remarkable projects, drawing in classmates, grammar schoolers, teachers, and parents alike.

The STREAM Faire, now in its sixth year, embraces a broad variety of student talents, including Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Music, and Math. This year’s event featured an eclectic array of projects, 34 prepared by STA students and 8 by grammar school students, ranging from a demonstration of the double-slit experiment, robotics displays, metal forging, and even chicken anatomy featuring live chickens. Outside, attendees were treated to live music and grilled food, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Olivia Locandro, co-creator of the Science of Music booth along with Carlie Kolomyetz and Selena Catanzano, commented on the group’s inspiration for the project: "We wanted to combine our love for music and science and create something unique that would give others a different perspective on something that everyone enjoys: music.”

Reflecting on the event's success, STEM Director Mr. Mike Lewon emphasized the dedication of the STEM Club and STEM homeroom students, who put in significant time and effort to make the event a reality: "This has been a very successful event, with an emphasis on science and technology projects. The collaboration and teamwork among students in STEM Club and the STEM homeroom have been truly remarkable.”

Months, if not years, of preparation culminated in this extraordinary event. STEM Club leaders Sandra Abrantes, Victoria Aldridge, and Natalie Mercado shared similar insight into what went into preparing for this event: “It’s an all-year long process of planning, brainstorming, and encouraging people when they encounter obstacles in their projects. What really gets it done is everyone working together.”

The STREAM Faire is a testament to the talent, creativity, and collaborative spirit of St. Thomas Aquinas High School students. As projects were unveiled and shared with the community, it became evident that the STREAM Faire has become a highlight of the school year, fostering a culture of innovation and exploration.

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