Repent for Lent, Prepare for the Risen Christ
Posted on 02/13/2024
As part of the "Repent for Lent" theme, students and faculty will be encouraged to join in the traditional triad of purification–prayer, fasting, and almsgiving–as we prepare for the resurrection of Jesus. All will be encouraged to devote time to prayer, cultivating a closer relationship with their faith; to fast, not only from food but also from distractions and practices that separate us from God; and to give alms through acts of kindness and generosity towards those in need.

The STA community looks forward to collectively embracing these pillars, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose during this sacred season. STA invites families and community members to join us on our faith journey as we not only deepen individual faith but also strengthen the bonds of compassion and understanding within the community.