Rutgers CSA Speakers Talk Faith and Community After High School
Posted on 03/21/2024
St. Thomas Aquinas High School had the pleasure of welcoming two speakers from the Rutgers Catholic Student Association, who spoke with seniors about "faith and community after high school".

With our seniors soon to be heading off from our STA community, it is important to give the students a chance to hear from college students, not much older than themselves, about the impact that finding community and deepening their faith in college has had on themselves.

The speakers shared personal stories of their lives in high school and the seeking that they went through when they were first off on their own at college. We hope that by giving our students some tangible examples on how faith and community can still be sought after, after high school, that it could better help and prepare our students to think about what is truly important when faced with the blank slate that is the college life before them.