Pi Equals More than 3.14 for Mathletes
Posted on 03/14/2023
There was a number that the STA Mathletes were focused on during its Pi Day "Pi"esta and it wasn't 3.14. Rather, it was the amount of money that it could raise for the organization Common Denominator, which focuses its efforts on tutoring math to underprivileged students in New York City. In an afternoon of activities and events such as "Pi"kus, Ma"pi"a, Pi recitation, pie eating contest, and pieing their favorite teachers, the club was able to entertain attendees and raise money for a great cause.

Leaving the competition in the dust with the Pi recitation was senior Tony Carr. The “Pi”ku poetry contest winner, as determined by the English department, was senior Sandra Abrantes. Winning the hands-free pie eating contest of chocolate, apple, and pumpkin pie slices was senior Alexander Pasquale. And for the much-anticipated pieing event, 10 faculty members followed through on their pledge and took it like champs in front of an enthralled audience of students: Ms. Alison Rashid, Mr. Eric Gronske, Mr. Mike Kowalczyk, Mr. Dean Zonkowski, Mr. Jack Brady, Mr. John Tocci, Mr. Nick Tonzola, Mr. Vincent Gioffre, and Mr. Harry Ziegler.

Thanks to the participation of students, faculty, and families, the Mathletes were able to raise nearly $600.

Pi Day "Pi"esta