St. Thomas Aquinas Counseling Department

The St. Thomas Aquinas High School Counseling Department offers comprehensive services to all of our students in grades 9-12.

The goals of the Counseling Department are to help maintain the health and well-being of all students, and to aid students in achieving their educational goals. To obtain these goals, the Counseling Department offers the following services:

  • academic planning
  • career counseling
  • college search, selection and admission preparation
  • scholarship and financial aid information
  • personal counseling with referrals as needed
  • standardized testing (AP / ITED) and information (SAT / SAT II / ACT)
  • a specialized Student Assistance Office


Department Procedures

Our counselors meet with each of their students at least twice each school year. To that end:
  • Students will be given passes to see their counselor in their homeroom folder
  • Students are required to attend these meetings - if unable to attend, students are to reschedule their meeting with their counselor
  • Students may sign-up in the Counseling Office to schedule additional meetings with their counselor, as needed

Counselor Assignments

9th Grade Karabin
Acevedo - Downing
Eastman - Long
Loftus Martin - Pina
Spiniello Pizzie - Zimmerman

10th Grade Karabin
Abreu - Esteves
Grogan Falke - Lueders
Loftus Macpherson -Reimain
Spiniello Reno - Zayas

11th Grade Karabin
Agonias - Cubala
Veni D'Addario - Dulinski
Grogan Eastman - Nguyen
Loftus Ordaniel - Scott
Spiniello Singh - Zurita

12th Grade Karabin
Abass-Shereef - DiCocco
Veni Dodge - Garcia
Grogan Giannotto - Moscaritolo
Loftus Nault - Rizzolo
Spiniello Robinson - Young