Our Mission Statement

With Christ as our model and guided by our Catholic tradition, St. Thomas Aquinas High School develops young men and women into courageous leaders in service to others through faith, academic excellence, and the recognition of the value and dignity of each individual.


St. Thomas Aquinas High School Crest

BGA Crest

The crest of St. Thomas Aquinas High School symbolizes its commitment to the kingdom of God and to his people. The four quadrants depict a truly Catholic foundation.

The upper-left quadrant represents the source of all Catholic life, the Eucharist.

The upper-right quadrant contains a portion of the insignia of the Franciscan Felician Sisters who staff the school.

The lower-left quadrant contains the staff and the oak tree. The staff represents the direction and guidance of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the scholar saint, in whose name the school was founded. The oak tree is a symbol of the local community.

The lower-right quadrant holds multiple symbols related to the heritage of the Diocese of Metuchen. The Moline cross is representative of the Diocese of Trenton, from which the Diocese of Metuchen was created. The flame represents the etymology of the Lenni Lenape Indian word, metachen¸ meaning “firewood”. This symbol is also associated with the descent of the Holy Spirit and is a traditional symbol of charity, the greatest of Christian values.