Required Forms & Practice Information

All athletes at St. Thomas Aquinas High School are required to have submitted the following packet before competing in their respective seasons.

  1. Athletics Form Signature Sheet
  2. Athletics Physical Form
  3. Concussion Fact Sheet and Consent Form
  4. Health History
  5. Sudden Cardiac Death Pamphlet Sign-Off
  6. Opioid Sample Sign-Off


The following information must be read in order to be in compliance with St. Thomas Aquinas High School participation agreements. These are READ ONLY documents and do not need to be signed.

  1. Sudden Cardiac Death
  2. Opioid Factsheet
  3. NJSIAA Banned Substances
  4. NJSIAA Steroid Consent Form
  • BGA Physical Form - All athletes are required to have a yearly physical and be cleared for athletic competition by a doctor.
  • BGA Sports Participation Packet - All athletes and their parents/guardians are required to adhere to state regulations regarding drug testing and concussions, as well as acknowledge the rules and responsibilities associated with being an athlete at Bishop Ahr.
  • BGA Sudden Death Cardiac Packet - All athletes and their parents/guardians are required to adhere to and acknowledge state regulations regarding sudden cardiac death.
  • IMPACT Testing Consent Form - All athletes must take the IMPACT test before participation in any sport.  The testing dates are scheduled through the Athletic Trainer, and the consent form must be signed and returned to the Athletic Department.
  • Permission for Transportation Form - Any athlete who will be picked up from an away game site, and will not return to the school via provided transportation must get permission in advance.