Special Services at St. Thomas Aquinas High School

St. Thomas Aquinas High School is committed to developing the full academic potential of students with learning differences in a challenging, inclusive environment.

Our services include:

  • Committed, supportive teachers who understand the importance of meeting the individual learning styles of every child
  • Child Study Team in place to evaluate and provide a range of accommodations, including extended time on standardized tests and additional supplemental instruction and/or compensatory education, as needed
  • Peer tutoring
  • Three levels of math, based on student ability
  • Math labs conducted by certified teachers during the school day to provide additional assistance
  • After-school Study Hall for students experiencing academic challenges
  • On-site ELL (English Language Learning) instructor
For additional information, please contact Laura Veni, Director of Admissions, 732-549-1108 ext. 607.