Students Look to Example of the Saints at All Saints' Day Mass
Posted on 11/01/2023
St. Thomas Aquinas High School marked the feast of All Saints' Day with a spiritually uplifting Mass today, as members of the STA family were called to look to the saints for inspiration and guidance.

The Mass brought together students, faculty, and staff for a moment of reflection and celebration of the lives of saints who have inspired generations with their faith and unwavering commitment to goodness.

During the Mass, students and faculty paid tribute to various saints whose lives of holiness and devotion serve as an enduring reminder of how all people of faith should live. Through scripture readings, hymns, and prayers, the STA community sought to draw inspiration from the exemplary lives of these saints and apply their virtues and teachings in their own journey of faith.

In his homily, Fr. Michael Tabernero drew a connection to pioneering mountain climbers, who scaled peaks previously thought to be impossible. And, though the first successful attempt would prove to be monumentally challenging, the example that they set for future climbers helped pave the way for safer and faster climbs. In a similar way, the saints that have come before us have set an example and have shown that it is possible to be the saints that God calls each of us to be.