Drama Department Brings Grunge Twist to Macbeth
Posted on 08/14/2023
The STA Drama Department is excited to present its latest theater production, a grunge-themed version of the Shakespeare classic “Macbeth”. With an exclusive twist, this rendition promises to captivate audiences and celebrate the enduring value of Shakespeare's work. Directed by Ms. Amy Kate Byrne of the Class of 2005, the show follows the 2022 production “Don’t Say Macbeth,” written and directed by Byrne, which followed an acting company’s disastrous staging of the notoriously cursed production.

"Macbeth" is a gripping tragedy by William Shakespeare that follows the ambitious journey of a Scottish general named Macbeth, driven to treacherous acts by the prophecies of witches and his own ruthless desire for power. The annual “Shakespeare and the Classics” production is significant for STA students as it provides an opportunity to delve into classic yet difficult works of theater, giving them a creative outlet for students to hone their talents and showcase their skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

The process of producing Shakespeare is never easy, but STA’s students always rise to the challenge and, with the support of a dedicated group of adult leaders, are committed to creating a high-quality production that stays true to the original script while adding a modern, grunge-inspired twist. With opening night a month away, the talented cast and crew are working tirelessly to master their lines, create stunning costumes, and set the stage to reflect the unique atmosphere of grunge style.

As a Catholic high school, we are committed to providing our students with well-rounded education, primed for the challenges of tomorrow's world while nurturing their spiritual and moral growth. Our theater productions are a vital part of this vision, providing an opportunity for students to foster creativity, teamwork, communication skills, and leadership abilities as they work together towards a shared artistic goal.

We invite the entire school and local community to join us in experiencing this groundbreaking production of “Macbeth,” a must-see for lovers of Shakespeare and theater. One weekend only: September 15, 16, and 17. Tickets on sale soon at stahs.net/tickets.