Celebrating Excellence: STA 50th Annual Senior Awards Ceremony
Posted on 06/02/2023
The Senior Awards Ceremony at St. Thomas Aquinas High School is an annual tradition that recognizes and honors the exceptional accomplishments of the graduating class. As students and their families gather in anticipation, the ceremony commences with a prayer, reminding everyone of the school's core values and the importance of nurturing each individual’s God-given abilities.

The accolades range from academic excellence in subjects like mathematics, science, and language, to outstanding leadership, community service, and spiritual growth. These awards not only highlight the students' individual achievements but also reflect the values instilled in them throughout their high school journey.

The heartfelt applause and proud smiles from parents, teachers, and friends are a testament to the impact that STA has had on these students' lives. The awards ceremony serves as a reminder of the nurturing and supportive community that has guided them toward success.

Senior Awards Ceremony 2023