Diocesan Goals Aim to Build Strong Future for STA
Posted on 11/09/2022
As part of the initiative to usher in a new era at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Edison, the faculty, staff, administration and Board of Limited Jurisdiction have joined in a collaborative effort to chart a future, faith-filled course for the school community.

The undertaking, known as “Made for Mission,” is focused on building upon the institution’s 50-year history of providing an academically rigorous, spiritually rich educational environment. The goal is to cultivate existing strengths while developing new areas of opportunity.

The process began during the previous year, when the school’s Board of Limited Jurisdiction worked closely with Jay Spach Consulting to create a strategic alignment plan. Based on focus groups with key stakeholders, including faculty members, students and parents, the board created a blueprint that outlined purpose, values and mission.

Goals presented in the school’s mission, with a target date for completion of 2027, are:
- Grow enrollment to 725 students;
- Attract, retain and develop the best teachers;
- Significantly upgrade the physical plant, including playing fields and the theater;
- Improve transportation equipment and services;
- Strengthen alumni engagement;
- Reduce debt burden

Following completion of the initial study, STA faculty, administration and board members gathered together August 31 for a brainstorming session at the Shrine of St. Joseph, Stirling, which provided participants with a spiritually nurturing and inspiring environment. Faculty members met in collaborative groups to discuss specific ways to achieve each goal and shared their ideas in a meeting at the end of the day.

“Our ‘Made for Mission’ day enabled us to solidify our vision for the future, as well as connect with one another through group activities and the celebration of Mass,” said Harry Ziegler, STA Principal.

The August 31 session was only the first step in a journey towards higher achievement for the STA community. As the mission goals are refined, other stakeholder groups, including students, parents and alumni, will be drawn into the process.

“Moving forward, the new opportunities that lie ahead for St. Thomas Aquinas must be firmly rooted in our mission and vision,” said Father Timothy Christy, board chair. “We are excited for the chance to take St. Thomas to the next level of excellence.”