Grandparents Welcomed at STA for Tea and Treats
Posted on 11/22/2022
God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made grandparents. A thought that resonates with all of us. So, in appreciation of the many ways that grandparents enrich our lives and the lives of our students, St. Thomas Aquinas High School invited them for an afternoon of tea, coffee, treats, and bingo with their grandchildren. We were pleased to welcome the grandparents of over 50 students and the event nearly filled up the STA cafeteria. While students and their guests enjoyed tea, coffee, cupcakes, cookies, and other treats, students shared reasons why they love their grandparents and then all were treated to a competitive game of bingo. We were so happy to see everyone at the event and we hope to see even more next time!

Grandparents' Tea 2022