Students Present Living Stations of the Cross
Posted on 04/15/2022
A Holy Week tradition at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, the Stations of the Cross were presented by students from all grade levels. The dramatic presentation was directed by Mrs. Leah Gossett and music was provided by Mr. Joseph Cullinan.

The Stations were first presented to each grade during in-school assemblies. Then, in the evening, the Stations were presented once again for family and friends of the STA community.  Before the evening stations, a simple soup supper prepared by the Dama family was served. A free-will offering was taken up for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, where the STA students volunteer.
To begin each presentation, all in attendance were invited to walk the path taken by Jesus of Nazareth. The leader of the presentation prayed: “Let us now, you and me, all of us walk with him and encounter those he met, pray with him and them, and meet ourselves on this road taken for our salvation. Loving Jesus, along your way of the cross, you met hardened soldiers, condemning priests, and compassionate men and women. As we walk that same way of the cross, let us search our innermost hearts, for they are capable of hardness or compassion, fickleness, or faithfulness. Jesus, may we confront the dark side of our hearts and, through your grace, decide to remain your faithful and compassionate followers. Amen.”

The stations ended with this final prayer: “We have journeyed with the characters of your passion and have seen the strengths and weaknesses within the human heart. We have discovered within us that same human heart, with its light and its shadow. Give us true humility to acknowledge our strengths and our weaknesses and to have a compassionate heart for others. Amen.”

It was a blessed way to end the Lenten Season here at St. Thomas Aquinas High School as we anticipate the great feast of Easter.