Aquinas Star Easter Egg Hunt Returns to STA
Posted on 03/29/2022
The Annual Aquinas Star Easter Egg Hunt returned to the STA hallways and classrooms on Tuesday, March 29 after taking a different form for the past two years. The night before, the Easter Bunny made an early visit to STA and left big footprints outside some of the classrooms along with egg and other treats hidden within. Aquinas Star Lauren Cervone visited along with Derek Fiore, who visited on behalf of Aquinas Star James Fucci, who was not able to attend.

To help Lauren and Derek was a bevy of smiling STA students who were led by Aquinas Star representatives Morgan Brennan ’22 and Kylie Lucas ‘23. The Aquinas Star reps and board members guided the Aquinas Stars and their families to the rooms that the Easter Bunny had visited and introduced them to students and faculty members who were thrilled to see them.

Lots of fun-filled, colorful eggs of all sizes along with candy, money, stuffed animals, and toys were found by Lauren and Derek. Afterward, the children and their families were treated to a brunch reception where other teachers and administrators came to greet them. They concluded the day with some photo ops on the “undersea” stage, which was setting for the Drama Department’s The SpongeBob Musical, as well as some pickup basketball in the gym and the sharing of funny stories. Each Aquinas Star family also received a check to be used for whatever they need! Lauren and James’s friend Derek left with fun-filled Easter Baskets, a tray of Roche Cookies, and lots of little treats after having had an awesome time!

Aquinas Star Easter Egg Hunt 2022