Action Alert: Compensatory Education
Posted on 01/20/2023

ISSUE:           Chapter 192 (Compensatory Education) provides remedial instruction in Language Arts and Mathematics for students in nonpublic schools.  However, the program services have been reduced as a result of an increase in enrollment in the Compensatory Education over the past several years.  Much of this has been due to increased enrollment in nonpublic because parents have found our schools to be an effective option because these schools provided face to face instruction during the years of the pandemic.  


Although the per-service funding for Compensatory Education was increased for the 2022-2023 school year from $995.33, an amount which had remained in effect since the 2008-2009 school year, to $1,040.33, the projected increase in enrollment in the program caused a proration which decreased the per-services amount to $988.31.  In effect, we would need at least $2 million to be added in the Budget to come close to the $1,040.00 figure.  However, this $2 million would be insufficient to avoid proration.  More funding would be needed to the reach $1,300 per service, the amount necessary to ensure nonpublic school students receive the services they require.


POSITION:   The New Jersey Catholic Conference, the New Jersey Network of Catholic School Families, and others fully support this issue in order to remediate children in compensatory education and to increase their success for the future.  


ACTION:       Call, write or email the Office of Governor Phil Murphy and indicate that the funding for nonpublic school Chapter 192 programs is inadequate to provide the services needed.  The amount listed in the Budget language should be at least $1,300.00 PER SERVICE and increased funding should be included in the Budget in order to provide additional time for the teaching of these subject areas.  See the enclosed Talking Points for additional details.  


                        Mailing Address     The Honorable Phil Murphy

                                                        Governor of the State of New Jersey

                                                        The State House

                                                        P.O. Box 001

                                                        Trenton, NJ  08625


                        Phone:                     (609) 292-6000




You can also contact Governor Murphy through the NJCC Voter Voice System