Transportation Payment and GPS App Info
Posted on 01/18/2023
Dear Parent/Guardian

This is a reminder that the Second payment in the amount of $400.00 of your transportation contract is due by January 15,2023. Please send this in with your student ASAP. Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School is pleased to announce that our school buses are now GPS equipped. In addition, beginning in the new year we are rolling out a tracking app called Traversa Ride 360. This will enable you to track your student’s bus for an accurate ETA (estimated time of arrival) to your bus stop, view your student’s bus details, AND, receive messages from the school regarding any bus issues such as delays, route cancellations, incidents, etc. 

We are bringing this to our families to provide an extra level of SAFETY and the most up to date busing information. Our team fully realizes the importance of this technology and we are overjoyed to offer it to you.

Details in English, Spanish, and French can be found on our Transportation page.

Thank you,

Ilona Kuntar
Collections Coordinator 
732-549-1108 Ext. 641