I want to thank everyone who auditioned; you should all be proud of the courage it took to put yourselves out there. If you didn't make it into this show, I hope you come out for the next one.

For those of you who have made the cast, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

 - EVERY cast member AND at least ONE parent/guardian MUST join Schoology. All further communications about rehearsals will take place through that forum; it will also be where you can view the calendar with the schedule. The access code to join is listed on the tabs to the left of the drama page. (Be sure to check that your time zone is set to New York!)

- There will be a rehearsal for the ENTIRE CAST on Wednesday, June 1st from 2-4:30pm. We will read through the script and discuss the rehearsal schedule and the rehearsal process. 

The cast list is below:

MO – Gabriella Morelli

CHARLIE – Gianna D’Astoli

PAUL – Jared Jardiolin

THEO – Matt Andrei Guipo

MARV – Jack Ryan

JC – Olivia Dulinski

SAM – Morgan Ryan

ALEX – Viviana Rodriguez

RAY – Abigail Bera

HARPER – Matthew Gluchowski

OLLIE – Amanda Ponik

CARL – Ryan Regula

JORDAN – Lukas Pereira

SKIP – Cadence Wertz

QUINN – Francesca Dempsey

TAYLOR – Michael Corradino

PAT – Annika Schmidt

BLAKE – Elizabeth Bera

JULIAN – Sean Lacko

NOEL – Jackson Boomer

LOGAN – Grace Mandy

SUNNY – Jasmine Torres

ANDY, BRANDY, & RANDY – Celeste Popola, Angeleena Figueroa, & Sidney Reiman

FRANKIE – Dominic Cerreto

ENSEMBLE – Carlie Kolomyetz, Julianne Perez, Kelly Bonner, Isabel Amaya-Fernandez, Meriam Sourial, Alayshia McCutcheon, Connor Moore, Kiameesha Moore

Thank you and I look forward to working with all of you!
Ms. Amy Kate Byrne