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The purpose of this website is to promote, publicize, and elevate St. Thomas Aquinas High School's presence and mission, as well as to provide a useful information source for all current stakeholders and all potential students and their families.


Website Administrators

Mr. Michael Kowalczyk



Mr. Thomas Michaels, retired, for his unwavering dedication to the webmasters during his years as Associate Principal.

Timothy Alexander, Class of 2000, who created and designed the first version of BGA Online.

Vincent Zhang, Class of 2004, who created and designed the second version of BGA Online.

John Richard Pena, Class of 2005, who created and designed the third version of BGA Online.

Cali Clarke (2015), Alex Guketlov (2017), Alexandra Kania (2015), Emily Lancia (2016), Lindsey Scarmozzino (2015), and Thomas Weiler (2015), who created and designed the fourth and current version of BGA Online.

The fifth and current version of the STA Website was designed by Mr. Michael Kowalczyk.