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The purpose of this website is to promote, publicize, and elevate St. Thomas Aquinas High School's presence and mission, as well as to provide a useful information source for all current stakeholders and all potential students and their families.


Website Administrators

Mr. Michael Kowalczyk


Past Student Webmasters

Kevin McCormick, Class of 2001
Joshua Mamaclay, Class of 2008
Steven Partesi, Class of 2001
John Gdovin, Class of 2008
Michael Dougherty, Class of 2002
Ryan Prybeck, Class of 2008
Ruby Feliciano, Class of 2002
Allison Kovacs, Class of 2009
Steven Whalen, Class of 2002
Brittany Fuerstenburg, Class of 2009
Christopher Alfonzo, Class of 2002
Anthony Russo, Class of 2009
Louis Ambrosini, Class of 2003
Julia Caruso, Class of 2010
Jayson Mamaclay, Class of 2004
Meaghan Alexander, Class of 2011
T.R. Stringer, Class of 2004
Ryan Lind, Class of 2011
Vincent Zhang, Class of 2004
Kelly Gibson, Class of 2014
Jacqueline Oak, Class of 2005
Cali Clarke, Class of 2015
Caitlin Palmer, Class of 2005
Alexandra Kania, Class of 2015
John R. Pena, Class of 2005
Lindsey Scarmozzino, Class of 2015
Lindsey Scarmozzino, Class of 2015
Thomas Weiler, Class of 2015
Patrick Alfonzo, Class of 2006
Shay Decker, Class of 2016
Matthew Bandelt, Class of 2006
Christopher Garr, Class of 2016
Peter Linde, Class of 2006
Emily Lancia, Class of 2016
Ric Mombay, Class of 2006
Sarah Franczak, Class of 2017
Timothy Jurkievicz, Class of 2007
Alex Guketlov, Class of 2017
Krzysztof Lukaski, Class of 2007
Andrew Weiler, Class of 2017
Michael Negron, Class of 2007
Bridgette Favale, Class of 2018
Jeffrey Wolfthal, Class of 2007



Mr. Thomas Michaels, retired, for his unwavering dedication to the webmasters during his years as Associate Principal.

Timothy Alexander, Class of 2000, who created and designed the first version of BGA Online.

Vincent Zhang, Class of 2004, who created and designed the second version of BGA Online.

John Richard Pena, Class of 2005, who created and designed the third version of BGA Online.

Cali Clarke (2015), Alex Guketlov (2017), Alexandra Kania (2015), Emily Lancia (2016), Lindsey Scarmozzino (2015), and Thomas Weiler (2015), who created and designed the fourth and current version of BGA Online.

The fifth and current version of the STA Website was designed by Mr. Michael Kowalczyk.